Dense Suspensions

Steady State Rheology

Concentrated suspensions of particles in a Newtonian solvent often show striking non-Newtonian behaviors. Of particular interest in our group is shear thickening: an increase in suspension viscosity as a function of applied shear. In dense (>30% solids by volume) suspensions, this thickening can result in a discontinuous increase in the viscosity by orders of magnitude at a critical shear rate. This phenomena is of particular interest to dynamically-responsive protective wear applications, and reveals new physics of complex fluid systems. We study steady-state shear thickening, and its relationship to transient shear jamming, in a variety of systems using stress- and strain controlled rheology.

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Transient Dynamics

Our recent work on transient dynamics and impact of dense suspensions has elucidated connections between the shear jamming of frictional dry grains, and the shear-induced solidification of dense suspensions. Under a variety of conditions, shear-induced bulk flows cause some systems of dense suspensions, such as cornstarch and water, to undergo a reversible transformation to solid-like behavior. These conditions include impact, extension, and standard shear. We employ these findings to develop novel shear jamming systems that provide further insight into this strongly non-linear behavior.

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